Since its foundation the plant has manufactured and delivered more than 3,000 heading machines of 24 types, about 7,000 mine winches, 300 crushing and stowing machines of the  Titan type, KV type machines for vertical and raising drifts, KS type shaft-sinking systems, BUKS drilling machines, thousands tons of different concentrating, chemical and individual equipment.
This machinery has proved its efficiency at mines not only of Ukraine. The equipment of the Yasinovatski Machine Building Plant was supplied to many countries of the world including Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, India, China, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Egypt, Iran, Germany, etc. The plant is the sole manufacturer of mechanized tunneling shield systems for driving of railway tunnels, undergrounds and large headers (1.8 to 8.5 m dia.) in the CIS (the former USSR).
Some developments of our specialists have no analogues in the world. The opinions of specialists from many countries and numerous awards confirm the high quality and reliability of our machinery. Among our awards you can find an Honorary Medal, the “International Golden Star For Quality” and others that are evidence of the worldwide recognition. Equipment bearing the brand of the Yasinovatski Machine Building Plant  was exhibited at many domestic and international fairs
The plant’s specialists are constantly studying the requests and demands of the miners and renovate and modernize the produced equipment taking into account their opinion and needs to be on the cutting edge of progress.
The machines produced by our plant held many world records. In January 1972 the PK-8 roadheader drifted 6013 running meters of mine workings and extracted more than 100,000 metric tons of sylvinite at the Belaruskaliy open-cut mine. In 1980 the KT1-5.6B type shield tunneling system drifted 1250 m of tunnel per month at the construction of the Leningrad Metro (world record). In the same year the 4PP-2 type roadheader drifted 1003 m per month at the mine Voroshilovgradskaya No. 1. Another world record was held in May 1969 at the drifting of the air pit in the mine 17-17-bis belonging to the Rutchenkovugol Corporation. In May 1969 the KS type shaft mucker drifted a 401.3 m deep shaft which was a world achievement at that time..
To reduce  the quantity of non-effective and dangerous blasting operations  the plant now manufactures a modern KSP-32 type roadheader for the mechanized driving of mine workings. Its design features enabled to expand the field of medium duty roadheaders application to harder  strata. The roadheader has a  simple design, it is easy to operate and it  allows working in watered roadways. Correspondingly equipped, this machine can also be used at the quarries. More than 50 machines of this type have been produced which successfully work at mines of Ukraine, Russsia, Kazakhstan and Iran.
The plant has commercialized the production of  11, 30, 55 and 110 kW scraper winches  designed for the  transportation of debris along horizontal  and inclined of  up to 30 degrees workings and also for the maneuvering, moving of loose and lump materials at the storages and loading it onto vehicles. The plant has developed the wheel-rail mucker for loading of rock separated from solid monolyth onto vehicles.
The Yasinovatskiy Machine Building Plant  produces roadheaders of the KT type for the drifting of metro outrun tunnels – 5.6 and 2.6 meters cross-section – for the drifting of  collector, hydro engineering and other tunnels. The drifting can be done even under urban settlements without the risk of  rock subsidence because it is followed by the large section supports.
The plant also produces toothed crushers  of the DDZ  type for the crushing  of  coal, anthracite, slate coal, rock, chalk, lime carbonate, etc. for the mining and concentrating enterprises of coal industry and other fields.
The Titan system can be of interest not only for the miners. This system enables to  mechanize stowage works while conducting the preparatory heading   diminishing  dumps and improving the ecological situation in mine cities and townships.
For shaft sinking  the plant produces BUKS  drilling units for drilling of  blast-holes and shaft muckers of  the KS  type.
The plant has commercialized the most complicated technological processes enabling to make products with the highest technical parameters and competitive prices. Its exploitation enables to quickly repay the equipment.
All hands of the plant work constantly for the creation of new technologies.
The plant’s design office has developed the completely new heavy duty roadheader KSP-42 for driving mine workings on very hard strata. Its production is under way.
The KSP-22  light duty  type finds a ready market for the driving of any shape of workings including the circular ones that differs it from many other roadheaders of  domestic and  foreign produce.


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