The Donbass region was extremely important for the ruined by the war country economy, i. e. the restoration of industry in this region was one of the primary tasks. In these hard conditions in August 1945 the State Committee of Defense takes a decision about the construction of a machine building plant in Yasinovataya  and  in 1947,  a year after the start of the construction,   the plant produced its first production -  railway switches for mines and enterprises for the  restored  Donbass. Afterwards the plant started to manufacture self-propelled tower cranes, railway switches. In the period of rehabilitation this machinery was of highest importance.
For more than 50 years the Yasinovatski Machine Building Plant has been closely connected with such industries as mining, machine building, chemicals manufacturing, construction (metro, collector) and others.
In 1952 the plant started production of more complicated machinery  - sinking winches, and  the plant concentrated on the manufacturing of the mining heading equipment. In 1953 the first assembly workshop was put into operation. At the end of the 1950s  the plant developed the production of 5 types of winches as well as the KS-type machines to mechanize vertical shafts sinking which 4 times increased the efficiency of sinking.
In the 1960s  the manufacturing of the ShBM type drift drilling machines gave rise for a series of machines to mechanize the driving of mine workings. Later the plant developed and started the production of the PK-9r, PK-8MA type, 4PP-2M, 4PP-5, KSP-21, KSP-22 and KSP-32 type machines. Since 1979 the plant has manufactured  the KV type machines for driving raise workings.
The development and production of the mechanized shields  of  the KT and TShB type systems has radically changed the technology of the tunnel drifting and underground construction.
Since 1984  the plant is headed by the  talented organizer  and honored professional Victor Ivanovich Trubchanin.
Together  with the plant there grows and develops the town of  machine-builders – a cosy, clean and green place where all conditions for life and rest of the workers of the plant created. For the working population there are  shops, day nurseries, kindergartens, Palace of Culture,
Hospitals and schools built  . The territory of the plant, its manufacturing and amenity facilities are kept in a perfect  shape. All this shows Mr. Trubchanin’s character and concern.


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