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Referense on 4PP-2M and KSP-32 Roadheaders from the State Holding Company Krasnolimanskaya (Chief Engineer)

To the Chairman of  the Board of the Yassinovatski Machine Building Plant  JSC
Mr. Trubchanin V.I.
The administration of the Krasnolimanskaya Public Holding Company considers it necessary to inform the Board of the Yassinovatski Machine Building Plant JSC about the operation of the 4PP-2M type roadheaders.
The mine has started the shift to this type of machines since 1994. At present there are seven 4PP-2M machines in operation.
During the time of these machines operation more than 15,000 mine workings were driven with the rock section from 11 to 18 m. More than 200,000 m² of the mined rock were loaded . The ultimate strength of rocks was from 40 to 90 MPa. The machine showed high efficiency and excellent rate of driving. So the 4PP-2M roadheader, s/n 784, which was put into operation in February 1998, has driven 1240 meters of mine workings since February till June that made  on the average 250 m per month. The machines are reliable and rather easy to operate, service and in training  of the maintenance stuff.
If operated in a right way and complied with the schedule of driving works the roadheader has rather low breakdown rate that speaks in favor of the quality of the machine.
The administration of the Krasnolimanskaya   Public Holding Company believes that the shift to this type of the heading machine proved itself. For the further development of the mine it is necessary to make technical  reequipment of the mining technology. With this aim we plan the purchase of the 4PP-2M roadheader and the new model produced by the YMZ the  KSP-32 roadheader - because the first development types of this model  have done their best working in other mines (Krasnoarmejskaya Zapadnaya  No.1 Mine).
The team of the Krasnolimanskaya Public Holding Company considers  that the Yassinovatski Machine Building Plant is one of the flagships of the domestic machine-building and its production enjoys well-deserved respect of the miners not only in Ukraine but in other countries as well.
Truly Yours,
Antipenko E.I.
Chief Engineer           
 Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine
State Holding Company Krasnolimanskaya

Indices of KSP-32 Roadheader application at the Krasnolimanskaya Mine in 2000


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