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Referense on KSP-32 Roadheader from the KrasnoarmeyskayaZapadnaya No.1 Mine (Chief Engineer)

At present the Krasnoarmeyskaya-Zapadnaya Mine #1 operates 13 machines of the KSP-32 type. The machines was tested in complicated mining and geological conditions working on the rock with the ultimate strength of up ti 90-100 MPa where earlier the less effective and more expensive drivage with the blasting and technique was used. The average rate of mine roadways drifting was more than 300 m per month. The KSP-32 machine, s/n 17, has made a record driving 407 m per month with the cross section 15.5 m2 at the average rate of 400 m of driving with the ultimate strength of rocks 80-100 MPa. The KSP-32 Roadheader proved itself as a reliable and efficient machine and it enabled the workers of our mine to substantially increase the rate of driving and occupy the leading position in the industry with the indices of 2100 meters of the roadways driven per month and to bring the output of coal in 2000 to the record mark more than 4 millions tons a year.
The overall length of the roadways driven by the KSP-32 machine has constituted about 21.800 m during the year of 2000. More than 4.200 thousands tons of the mined rock were extracted.
The miners and the Board of the mine have greatly appreciated the capabilities of the new machine and have selected the KSP-32 Roadheader as the basic machine for driving the development mine workings. By the miners opinion the KSP-22 Roadheader has no competitors in the efficiently, reliability and safety among the machines of the same type for the operation in hard rocks.
Demchenko A.I., Chief Engineer
Krasnoarmeyskaya Zapadnaya Mine #1 / Tel.: +380 5239 21727

Referense on KSP-32 Roadheader from the KrasnoarmeyskayaZapadnaya No.1 Mine (Chief Engineer Assistant on Production)
KSP-32 Roadheaders application at the Krasnoarmeyskaya Zapadnaya Mine #1


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