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The KSP-42 Roadheader is a completely new heavy duty machine for cutting very hard strata. It is designed to mechanize the process of breaking and loading of mined rock while driving mine workings with a gradient of up to 12 and cross-section from 12.5 up to 35 m2 in coal and mixed faces with the ultimate strength of up to 120 MPa and abrasivity of up to 18 mg in mines with hazardous concentration of gas (methane) and coal dust.
  • Robust cutting boom powered by a 160 or 200 kW air cooled electric motor
  • Heavy duty cutting head with efficient pick face flushing facility
  • Telescopic action to allow cutting head to be sumped in with the machine stationary and therefore independent of floor conditions
  • Center scraper chain conveyer built for abrasive applications with an enlarged throad
  • Enlarge crawler tracks which are independently operated to give maximum machine maneuverability for working on steep gradients and poor floor conditions
  • Travel backup hydraulic units enabling to smoothly move the machine on steep gradients
  • Real floor sprag jack to increase machine stability in adverse cutting conditions
  • Loading apron performs as a front support
  • Scraper conveyor and stage loader enable to use the machine with various type of excavated material handling



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